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Some old news

In October/November 2008, the band went into the studio to work on a new album. Alas, things didn't work out.

As to be expected, the exact details may never come out, but there seem to be two strands of the band now - George and Bob plan to keep going with other musicians, while Martin will continue with Josh on guitar, Phil on keyboards, Rene Robrahn on drums and James Beck on guitar; this line up will be going out under the Man banner.

Who are the Man band?

Man first started off at the end of the sixties, called it a day towards the end of the seventies, then in the early eighties realized they could do nothing better than get together again. They have been through more lineups than you can shake a stick at, with various members coming and going at a rate which gives Pete Frame nightmares. (Pete loved Deke's books, by the way). Micky, Martin and Deke have pretty much been the core of the Manband, though a while back Terry Williams had another spell after John (Pugwash) Weathers had kept the drum stool warm for a few years; and Phil Ryan returned for a brief period after a 20 year hiatus.

Right now, the exact nature of the Manband may be open to interpretation; but the line up Martin Ace has put together at the start of 2009 is:

This lineup have a few dates scheduled.

Some of the more recent band members are:

What's the music like ?

Tricky, this. They defy categorization... guitar driven hard rock ? Well, yes, but they still have heavy influences from their early psychedelic era... bluesy... at times soulful... They have been influenced by the West Coast sound, especially Quicksilver Messenger Service, have worked with Dave Edmunds, they used to tour with Hawkwind... Impossible to sum up. Except that they are very, very good.

More information is available in the excellent fanzine, The Welsh Connection, now sadly no longer with us.

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