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Before Your Very Eyes !

When I first set up this site back in the first half of the nineties, all this internet stuff was still a bit new. And having photos, well, that was really pushing the boundaries. I didn't realize that the photo gallery would grow to the size it has, more than 300 photos, so it was initially just a set of links to the actual pics with very brief descriptions. These days, that's not really good enough.

So I've changed the whole gallery setup (with a few exceptions - see below). The photos are now arranged year by year, so you can pick the period you're interested in, and there is a thumbnail of each photo so you have some idea what you're getting.

The other point worth mentioning is the size of the photos. Some of them seem pitifully small: this is because back in the pre-broadband days, our puny modems struggled to download any reasonably sized file with any sort of speed. And webspace wasn't as cheap either, which also factors in.

So there you have it - enter the new photo gallery and have a look a round. All photos by myself, unless otherwise stated.

Just a few photos are left out, special collections which deserve to be kept on their own - you'll find these below.

From 1979/83, a few pics put together in memory of Clive John, who sadly passed away in August 2011; my great thanks to Fast Max, who provided them.

The final set of Larry Schorr's photos from 70's California, these in glorious colour.

Larry now has his own site featuring these pics and a wide range of excellent rock photography.

A third helping of Larry Schorr's, terrific San Francisco photos.

Another batch of excellent photos from Man in California from Larry Schorr, this time from San Francisco 1975.

Something you don't see very often, a few photos of the Man band in San Francisco in 1976. I'm very grateful to Larry Schorr for allowing me to publish these pics.

Norman Hobbs sent me a whole load of fascinating Man band pics, and I've put them in their own collection.

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