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The Norman Hobbs collection

I am hugely grateful to Norman Hobbs who took the time and trouble to scan some polaroids and press materials from the past thirty years and send them to me.

Firstly, from the Up for the day era, there's the band front view (20K) and rear view (18K), Tweke and Micky (20K) and Will (8K).

This batch were taken at the gig at Newcastle City Hall on Thursday 15 May 1975. They feature Deke (32K), Martin (38K), Micky (29K) and Terry (34K); there's also tour manager Foster (15K) and a group photo showing the band with Chippo and George Ace (26K).

From the Slow Motion period, a band promo pic (27K).

A couple of Welsh Connection publicity photos - the band (19K) and Deke (23K).

From the same era, some live shots - the band (25K), Terry (17K), the band in monochrome (17K), Micky and John (17K), Micky (30K) (note the unusual guitar), Micky and Terry (29K), Terry and John (11K) and Phil (8K).

Slightly more up to date, these were taken at the Cellar Club in south Shields on 19 April 1996: Terry (24K), Martin (15K) and Deke (14K),

Thanks again Norman!

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