Firstly, the Man Band stuff:

For discussion, visit the Manband Archive Forum where you can post and read messages about the band, or alternatively, sign up to the Man Band Mailing List

Julian Gough has set up a Man Band Archive, while Bob Angilly has a Man homepage in Harvard USA

Just what you'd expect at

Matin Ace has his own site at, while George looks after the Manband's myspace page

A collection of Manband photos has been put together by Mark Davies

There's an excellent blog post complete with pics by Michael Morton and friends on Britrock by the Bay

Joan's Spanish page has loads of album and rare singles covers, and some Man lyrics, and Georgie has some interesting Man pictures on his German site

The Yahoo! Clubs area also now has its own Man presence. Not that anyone uses it...

Next, vague Man connections:

An excellent condensed history of Help Yourself

A homepage dedicated to Gentle Giant, the former home of Pugwash

Phil Little played drums with Micky Jones in the Flying Pigs - here's Littledrum, his comprehensive drums and percussion tutorial site.

Takahiko in Japan has a homepage about Sassafras - a Man connection here I wasn't previously aware of - and I saw this band a couple of times many, many years ago

Many previous Man reissued CDs came out on the Voiceprint label.

Pete Feenstra promotes many of Man's UK gigs, and his site is worth a look to check what other worthy artistes he's favouring

David (Dai) Bell has his own site... he played with Brian Breeze and Terry Williams a few years back.

John Cipollina - gone, but not forgotten

Siadwell has set up a site dedicated to Welsh bands which is worth a look

Now, obscure Man connections:

The Quicksilver M.S. page - what a background !

Simon Jones of Swansea does custom guitar work, and has worked on Martin and Micky's instruments; his site is worth a look.

Nektar, 70's prog outfit are old pals.

Man frequently toured with Hawkwind - this is Steve Pond's page.

Philm Freaks page is full of info about Zappa, Hawkwind, Pink Fairies and the like

Man are big fans of Capt. Beefheart, so surely qualifies

An interesting South Wales collective, The Peppermint Iguana have promoted Man gigs in the past, and they have also appeared at Spirit of 66 in Belgium.

Rockpalast was (is?) a German TV rock show Man have graced, worth a browse.

The Bathtub of Adventures is worth dipping your toe into.

Finally, no Man band connections

The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame is proof that rock is now part of corporate America

Relive all those who's best disputes at this archive of Rock lists

The Q magazine home page - the magazine which recommends this page ! (Or at least it did once)

To clarify... in their prestigious issue number 100, Q magazine was kind enough to describe the Man Homepage as a real labour of love. Thanks guys. Shame you made a typo in the URL, but well, that's the old fashioned print media for you.

An interesting blog.

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