Pub Quiz

Pub QuizA comedy quiz show hosted by Frank Hovis, an alterego of John Sparkes, as you'd guess taking place in a pub setting.

The humour is of a distinctly adult nature, and would likley be enhanced by the intake of a few beers. Deke was on a team of celebreties - I hadn't heard of the other two and suspect their fame hasn't spread much outside of Wales. Whether Deke is famous to the general Welsh population may be open to debate as well.

Pub QuizBut let's not carp, any excuse to see a representative of the Man band on TV is excuse enough. The Frank Hovis character is a close cousin of Barry Humphries' Les Patterson, and his jokes are equally lewd, though not as funny. But that didn't stop me laughing at them. As you'd expect, over 30 minutes with host and six team members we don't get too much of Mr. Leonard, though there is a Neil Sedaka anecdote and a tootle on a penny whistle.

So until Melvyn Bragg does a South Bank Show devoted to Deke Leonard, this might be the best we can expect.

First broadcast on BBC2 Wales, April 30, 2002

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