Man Live at the Rex

Man Live at the RexA professionally shot DVD of the Man band on a commercial release. What's the world coming to?

We kick off with Conflict, a long intro with Gareth providing the main riff on synth, and George taking a wahwah solo. During the intro to Love isn't Love George is encouraged to "get yer shirt off" by various female voices in the audience. Well, really. Anyway, the song features some excellent Hammond organ which drives the chorus along wonderfully.

Martin Ace seems unusally subdued during Manillo, and George's solo is a bit low in the mix, while Walrus again has Gareth's organ as a highlight. George's vocals in C'mon are strikingly like his father's , and it benefits from some great Leonard guitar over the intro; George's solo here is all his own though, of a very high quality indeed, not a single note is wasted.

George and Martin

Ride is aggressively handled, especially be Deke, while on Popemobile the verses are understated before Martin goes on to ham up the vocals for all he's worth; there's some tasteful guitar from Deke, and George takes the solo far, far over the top. The vocals on the outro sound, um, awful.

I don't think I've ever heard 7171 be so keyboard driven: the Hammond solo is fine, but somehow it just sounds out of place; Deke's solo is in just the right spot though, and very good too. The main set closes with Daughter, a real cymbal thrasher.


I'm very pleased that the version of Spunk Rock features the Bob and George intro which gives them both a chance to show of their flawless technique, and the whole piece of of a very high standard, and includes Gareth putting his Moog through its paces. Asylum seems an odd encore choice, a good song but lacking power; again it's notable for George sounding very much like Micky.


Overall, the picture quality isn't the sharpest, but that just serves to add to the atmosphere. There are plenty of good camera angles and lots of close ups: Bob certainly gets more screentime than is usually granted to members of the drummers union. The only thing not really shown is the crowd. The sound is excellent, with Gareth very high in the mix - compared to how I've seen the band live, I've never heard his playing so clearly and consistently.

A Man live DVD released in 2005, ironically a year when I didn't actually get to see the band live myself. This almost makes up for it.

Released on Voiceprint, VPDVD8.

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