Farewell at the Roundhouse 1976

Roundhouse 76

The above pic is taken from the cover of the VHS tape issued in 2001.

This is a review of a TV documentary which covered Man's farewell concert at The Roundhouse in London in 1976, as also featured in the All's Well That Ends Well album. So the band line up is...

Musical excerpts include...

The programme is pretty much an unstructured mix of live footage, interviews, and documentary type material. It starts off with Babe, which especially features a good organ backwash which was clearly lacking on the Maximum Darkness version. Also striking is the sartorial elegance of the band, of real note being Micky's red dungarees and beret, and Deke's sideburns. This is the seventies, don't forget. We then get a bit of sitting in the pub philosophizing type chat, and a few words with the roadies. As they arrive at the Roundhouse : "What's the stage like?" "It's round". The dramatis personae is completed by Barrie Marshall bemoaning the practical problems of being a rock n roll manager.

The most interesting part of the bands discussion is Micky and Deke disagreeing over the diversity of directions that the album The Welsh Connection had thrown up; at one point Micky suggests he would like to get involved in "a big band with girl singers". The most embarrassing part is the band explaining their instruments, which comes across as kids TV, with John McKenzie looking particularly uncomfortable.

There is also some appreciative chat from fans, and shock horror footage of the band in the dressing room discussing what to wear, and a candid shot of Deke putting his trousers on. Inevitably, drugs are discussed, and Deke muses on dope - "I read in a book it makes you go to sleep."

The music is pretty good too. 7171-551 features a pretty jazzy midsection, and some of the soulful aspects of Born with a Future reminded me of Drivin' Around. And at the end of Bananas, Micky ceremonially flings an inflatable fruit into the crowd, proclaiming it "The last banana!".

Well, not quite.

The programme was produced by Harlech Television, and lasts 52 minutes.

I bought the video at the first Welsh Convention, and as far as I know it has never been made commercially available.

2002 update - Michael Heatley just might have some copies for sale...

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